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Coke taking flack on Twitter for a beautiful ad? Proving those who use Twitter are Twits!

CMS needs regional offices so administrators get a close-up look at the mess they’ve created.

“... hundreds of administrators under one roof.” No wonder CMS doesn’t have enough for resources for our kids.

To paraphrase JFK: “Ash not!” what your power company can do for you.

Can blogger Vani Hari petition Duke to remove coal ash from our food chain?

McCrory “demands” Duke fix leak from ash pond – wink, wink.

Let’s see. We should construct a massive coal ash pond atop two stormwater pipe because...?

Hey Pat, time to “demand” a fix on the Medicaid ash pond!

If I want sharks lurking around me, I’ll walk into any furniture store.

Do Republicans really believe the damage Bush did ended when he left?

If Kay wants to look conservative she better get that big Obama tattoo removed.

Horrors, Hagan a moderate, not a radical ideologue!

Of the myriad conservative euphemisms, “job creators” takes the bon-bons.

Time to invite the DNC back so the city/county will pick up all the litter again.

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