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Now Duke needs to fix the leak in its credibility.

Memo to Duke, the FTC: Biggest is not always best.

Winter jailbreak! Somebody please spring Spring!

Snowpocalypse 2014!

Poor Millennials! It’s hard to share snow-cream through social media.

The al-Qaida bomb instructor to his students: “Now listen up, I’m only going to show you this once!”

Can you spell “one term,” Gov. McCrory? If not, experienced teachers will help.

If “spinning” were an Olympic event, N.C. GOP would win gold.

Forget raising teacher pay, raise test scores first.

Richard Petty would win at Indy if everybody else stayed home.

King Richard, play nice!

Student Fraud Academy?

A commentary that’s neither biased nor racist. Walter Williams for president!

Thank God for ACA mental health care, because this administration is driving me crazy.

Since everybody seems to be announcing, just thought you’d like to know I’m straight.

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