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Winter Olympics, Charlotte 2018!

Now can we bury the power lines?

It is not true that no two flakes are alike; look at Congress.

Ski Mt. Holly!

I’m from the North and I miss the sound of the snow plow going down my street.

We didn’t have all this crazy weather until Al Gore invented the Internet.

Just heard one robin say to another: “You mean we flew 600 miles for this?”

Any chance if we agree to higher rates Duke will take McCrory back?

Republican concern for teachers? Like a bad burrito, this too shall pass.

What’s next Mr. Holder? Voter registration drives in prisons?

Sure glad Obamacare is the “law of the land.” Otherwise it might’ve been changed 20 times.

Mammograms. Isn’t that a decision that should be left up to the Republicans?

I’m already tired of winter – and the Olympics.

Perhaps the journalists should refrain from awarding the medals until after the event is over.

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