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Eastland: Erect a gigantic “Follywood” sign and charge admission.

With the movie studio on life support, can we revisit the ski slope?

They could always film tornado movies at Eastland.

Mayor Pat sure has sold us down the Dan River.

Duke: Get off your ash and clean up the river!

Union County redistricting: Redistribution of test scores.

State Board of Ed dumbing down exams – proof its members aren’t that smart either!

If state educators could read the writing on the wall, they wouldn’t have lowered the scores.

Government has all the answers. Students can’t pass exams? Simple, lower the bar!

Pittenger campaign theme song: “What kind of fool am I?”

Can we get Sue Myrick back?

Wish the president was as attentive to our Constitution as he is Crimea’s.

When Bush looked into Putin’s eyes and saw his soul, did he understand it was a black hole?

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