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Looks like the banana boys made monkeys out of Perdue.

Oops, did we slip on a banana deal?

Trust me, Pat, nobody thinks you ever picked up a shovel.

Duke execs, shareholders have been raking it in for years – and we’re supposed to pay for cleanup?

I’ll believe the Dan River is clean when Lynn Good goes for a swim.

At least Lynn Good is forthright enough to tell it like it is!

Pittenger is Pittenger’s Enemy Number One.

We desperately need a second political party. All we have now is the Democrats and anti-Democrats.

Why not just give everyone a high school diploma their first day of school?

Work hard, support team goals, mentor new hires, get fired by new management. Wow, the NFL is a real job.

Crimea: Russia giveth, Russia taketh away.

If Putin pulls off taking Crimea, do you suppose Mexico will take back Texas?

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