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Who’s next, Mr. Gettleman? Sir Purr?

Letting Steve Smith go – CAT-astrophic!

Duke must have deep pockets. I can’t afford to park my car at CLT, and they want to park coal ash there.

Why not deduct the cost of Duke’s ash clean-up from Jim Rogers’ retirement check?

What’s a greenway with a great big building stuck on it? A concrete way?

Transponders on airplanes can be turned off, why?

America’s symbol: bald eagle. Tea party symbol: headless chicken.

If Putin keeps it up, Obama is gonna get really mad!

Tillis: Washington is broken. Americans can fix it like I fixed N.C.

Liberalism: Moochers electing looters to steal from producers.

The fabric that is America is being torn apart.

Where is Sam Donaldson when we really need him?

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