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The Panthers’ new escalator is going down fast.

Chiquita... Banana Split!

So, hauling coal in to generate electricity is an operating expense, but hauling the ash out isn’t?

No-good, Lynn Good – trying to cover your “ash” at our expense.

The bigger your salary; the larger target you become.

Lynn needs to get her head out of the ash pond.

GM doesn’t bill us for recalled vehicles.

Why not lower the state exam passing score to 0, then everyone can pass.

U.S. president “Enemy Number One”? So you’d prefer Kim Jong-un?

Hagan is trying to hide from her past and her pres(id)ent.

Did Jerry Richardson get Al Capone’s heart?

So our receivers next year are going to be the halftime Frisbee dogs?

Somebody please shoot that groundhog before next year.

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