Finally, some Old Time Religion at the RNC


We haven’t heard this said before – not during this convention. And not during Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s campaign against one another.

We have heard, from Donald Trump: “I will make America great again.” And “I will make great trade deals.” And we’ve heard how “Donald Trump can do the impossible.”

We’ve heard platitudes, from Hillary Clinton: How she loves children. How she’s always loved children. And how she’s going to lift up everybody. And we’ve heard from Barack Obama how Hillary has made history.

We’ve heard from Trump how a wall will save America. And we’ve heard from Hillary how Trump is for torture.

We’ve heard about Black Lives and Blue Lives and Crooked Hillary. We’ve heard about law and order and racism and we’ve heard, from Hillary, how Donald Trump sets a vile example for our children and mocks the handicapped.

We’ve heard the political howl and bragging and boasting go on and on. And we’ll hear more during the Democratic Convention next week.

But we haven’t heard, until now, anyone say, “I have faith that God can still heal our land.”

In his first speech as a candidate for Vice President, Mike Pence spoke with humility: “I never thought I’d be standing here.” And added simply, I’m a Christian, a Conservative and a Republican – in that order.

And he spoke not of his strength but of his need: “I will pray daily for a wise and discerning heart.”

Mike Pence looked at the anger, tumult and hollowness of American politics and stood up and spoke without fear of an old timeless faith. And true hope.

Carter Wrenn is a veteran N.C. Republican strategist writing on the 2016 conventions. He and Democratic strategist Gary Pearce blog at