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Any vote that passes with over 70 percent should be carefully scrutinized.

It seems Putin has learned from Obama that he only has to obey the laws he likes.

Guess the airport solar farm wasn’t such a bright idea?

Just when I thought DHHS couldn’t get any Wos.

NCFAST? Not so fast!

Now I’m a Baltimore Ravens fan!

I sure hope that Gettleman can run routes and has good hands.

WRs and RBs in their twilight do NOT a playoff team make, Dave.

Met Life. Chiquita death.

Why do we keep sending money to other countries? Why don’t they do like us, borrow it from China?

It’s much more than an election this November. It’s a restraining order.

To the lady in the Walmart parking lot: Why buckle up your kids if you’re going to light a cigarette and get in the car?

Let’s dig a big hole at Eastland Mall and kick Duke Energy’s ash in it.

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