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If I was a state education official, I wouldn’t want my teachers seeing what Charter employees make either.

Darn, I was looking at someday taking the street car to the Eastland movie studio.

Fining Toyota $1.2 billion is like giving me a parking ticket.

I see the gas prices are blooming before the spring flowers.

I support Franklin Graham. Read it in Corinthians.

Send Franklin Graham to Russia; I'll pack him a shoe box.

How many inane Sir Purr comments are you guys gonna print?

Who made $90 million last year, pays $1 rent and wants $41 million in renovations?

The “Hornets” want an upgraded arena? Maybe it wasn't all Shinn's fault!

Build the new arena at Eastland Mall!

Join the military: You can do the crime, but you don't have to do the time.

Army generals are like corporations: plead to lesser charge, pay fine, no jail. Wish I could incorporate!

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