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Can’t wait for the request to upgrade the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Franklin, Franklin, just do the Lord’s work – and be quiet!

Franklin, please send me a copy of the gay agenda because this homosexual doesn’t have one.

Someone please take away Franklin’s shovel before he digs his way to China.

Hey Krugman, Lenin called, and wants his rhetoric back.

Frack for gas or sit on your ash.

Traffic, financial and infrastructure overload. Yet city leaders salivate for even more growth?

Charlotte traffic engineers’ motto: WWAD. What Would Atlanta Do?

It costs me $1,513 to commute? Just put it towards my future tolls and we’ll call it even.

Forget my “e-score.” What’s my NSA-score?

I don’t want the government – or my employer – in my bedroom!

So, we’ll attract the best new teachers by cutting their benefits and insulting them?

Just think, if you get to the traffic jam faster you’ll have more time to text!

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