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Charlotte, N.C. – the city where the mayor makes your license plate!

Sounds like Cannon may have been Mayor Pro-Tem-ptation.

Won’t be a lot of HERS where Patrick is headed.

Thank you for the resignation letter, Mr. Cannon. Now I’d like an apology letter.

A promising future blown away!

At least they called us a “big city” on NBC Nightly News.

I’ve never spent so much time reading the Observer.

When are they going to change the Duke Energy building lights to ash gray?

If Duke proposed moving the coal ash to the dark side of the moon, some environmentalists would be opposed – and sue.

Low wages... The mills are gone, but the mentality lingers.

So it turns out the Obamacare deadline was just another red line.

Franklin, if you can’t say something nice, don't say anything at all.

Guess Franklin’s wing at the library will be filled with fairy tales.

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