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Great timing Electrolux! Turns out, we do have some dirty laundry here.

Dear Former Mayor: Thanks for getting us off the front page, signed Duke Energy.

Elect Harris or McColl as mayor. Cut out the middle man.

A Streetcar Named Quagmire.

Maybe this will finally kill the streetcar project.

Charlotte’s always wanted to be like Atlanta; turns out we’re more like New Orleans.

Jennifer Roberts for Mayor!

Is Ms. Gauker a Quaker?

Does the Ukraine give us back the $1B or send payments directly to China?

If Obama wants to help the poor, $1 billion would have been a pretty good start.

Of course, Gov. Christie had nothing to do with the bridge lanes closing. The law firm he hired said so!

Why the constant Graham-bashing? Franklin does far more good than the rest of Charlotte combined!

Dropping boulders to attract fish is like giving hunters the keys to the zoo.

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