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Busted final bracket: Money defeats Democracy 5-4.

Tax campaign donations over $1,000 at 49 percent. Deficit solved!

No campaign spending limits and corporations are people. What could go wrong?

The Roberts’ Court really is going back to basics – only the landed gentry gets a voice.

We already pay a tax for miles driven – it’s called the “gas tax.”

I drive 55K miles a year, 99 percent of it in S.C. Why should I pay more tax to N.C.?

Government: The clumsy occupation of never leaving well enough alone.

We have it backwards. Instead of gun-free areas, we need gun areas.

What is good for GM may not be good for Americans.

Fort Mill deserves better.

Hey, Hobby Lobby! Which aisle is the hypocrisy on?

I’d rather our Secretary of State track down drug dealers – instead of handbags.

Must be April – half my junk mail mimics a refund check.

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