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Bad charter schools can be closed; bad public schools remain open.

Guess the Supreme Court doesn’t believe free speech should be free anymore.

Thought I left Illinois two years ago; between the weather and the politics I’m starting to wonder.

Why does Charlotte need a mayor anyway?

Funny, most Democrats take from the rich and give to the poor.

Congratulations, Charlotte. You elected one too many bleeding-heart liberals.

The people already voted – they do not want Jennifer Roberts.

Obamacare an anchor around Dems’ feet? I can think of 6 million reasons it’s not.

Wake up, North Carolina. Keep your doctor, change your senator!

GM and Obamacare: Lousy products in need of a lot of fixes.

Putin makes a bold chess move, Obama plays tiddlywinks!

NCAA tourney: A repetitive commercial reel interrupted by a basketball game.

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