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U.S. Supreme Court is like the N.C. Legislature – you dread when they’re in session.

So, now we’re believing there are no rich Democrats?

Politicians don’t think gas tax or mileage tax. They think gas tax AND mileage tax.

Unproven charter dreams unravel in schemes, robbing public education and students too.

Keep our troops safe at home – let them carry on base.

OK Amelie’s crew, you’ve made your point. Lesson learned. Now forgive and let it go.

You with the “Coexist” sticker – your Darwinized Christian fish symbol belies your boast of tolerance.

People don’t have problems anymore, but they sure have a lot of “issues.”

Endorsed by McCrory? Another reason not to vote for Tillis.

Barack Obama – Eliminating our carbon footprint one job at a time.

Archbishop Gregory has seen the light! Pastor Furtick?

The limericks contest? Just call it what it is – the Wes Long rhyming editorial.

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