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Thanks to our government’s inflation, billion is the new million.

In 20 short years our species has “evolved” into part human, part cell phone.

Corporations are people, cash is free speech, and guns are religion.

God save us from these silly, socially destructive politicians and their foolish funders!

I’ll grease your palm and you grease mine, but I get to use the shredder first!

Sorry, Sister Laurel, apparently freedom of speech only applies to the LGBT community.

Did Sister Laurel graduate from the Franklin Graham Academy of Intolerance?

Bad news: You can’t keep your doctor. Good news: You can change your senator.

Let’s keep Kay, we don’t need Toll Booth Thom!

I agree N.C. needs a new senator. When do we get to dump Burr?

Duke Energy is out on a limb and needs a good pruning.

Hard to believe Miley was too sick to twerk.

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