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So Barack turns to Michelle and says “77 percent of a penny for your thoughts.”

White House pay inequality? Cut men’s pay to match women’s. Problem solved.

Kept doc, got better insurance. Keep Kay, lose Koch Bros breaks for billionaires.

Red tape + red lines + red ink = red states in November.

No talk of toll lanes, mileage tax until laws enforced. Plenty of money in those speeders!

Who’s wrong? 85 percent of drivers or the speed limit?

Strategy of downsizing N.C. mental hospitals is just insane.

Clodfelter can’t run for mayor, but I can write-in his name on the ballot.

If Dan Clodfelter is as smart as everyone says, he wouldn’t be a Democrat!

Tillis backers – Americans for (Their Own) Prosperity!

Thanks a lot, Microsoft.

Praise be to Google Fiber – the competitive solution to the TWC cartel!

If twerking is an “art,” then my jumping jacks at the “Y” deserve an Oscar.

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