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Whoever is auditing Medicare payments to ophthalmologists needs their eyes examined.

Don’t kill the messenger-nun.

Don’t confuse your bribes. Pay-to-play goes to politicians, pay-to-stay goes to pro teams.

Golly, imagine the speed of change if there really were a “gay agenda”!

If N.C. isn’t fast enough for you why not move to the state that granted your gay union?

Hope that push for transgender bathrooms stalls.

We don’t need extended jobless benefits – we need MythBusters.

Medicare magic: When one normal visit with your doctor is billed as two.

Murder by stiletto? Ban stilettos!

Why is it only conservative Christians have real values and morals?

Serious light pollution at Myers Park Harris Teeter. Get rid of the lamp posts!

“Noah”: The most expensive nap I’ve every had.

I’m going back to cash.

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