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It’s not the IRS I fear, it’s the revaluation of my home.

Crooked mayor! Toll roads! Feels like I’m back in New Jersey!

Hey Putin, you stop that or we’ll use CAPITAL LETTERS and shake our finger at you.

Hagan “pledges to put N.C. first.” What took her so long?

If only the GOP had the depth of understanding to know that it’s not the kite but the air.

Note to airlines: invent a black box that floats!

I’ll say it again: Jerry Reese should be forced to reimburse the City.

All interested in the health and well being of Charlotte better start shopping at Family Dollar.

$188 million more for Interstate 85. But I-77, cough it up on your own.

It seems the Masters has become a religion.

The Masters: Golf the way it used to be, no cell phones!

In Charlotte, everyone lives in a beautiful home this time of year.

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