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Fire the guy who puts out the “BUMP” road signs and hire someone to fix them!

Keep the IRS, abolish Huckabee.

Teacher raises are now in question? We’ll never learn.

Smile! You’re on CMPD camera!

A shoe? After Benghazi, Hillary needed the book thrown at her!

John Edwards: The never ending Observer sequel.

Holder’s poor image transcends race – and space in the Buzz.

Hudson is boxed between left-wing Dems, hard-line Repubs. I’ll check that box.

For Lowe’s CEO “Let’s build something together” apparently meant his bank account.

Another lopsided loss by the Knights. Good thing we have a skyline to watch.

Please extend the length of Buzz comments so we can now type “Pulitzer Prize-winning Kevin Siers.”

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