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War’s over! Billboards won.

Ken Lewis thought he was buying a fallen star in Countrywide, but it turned out to be a black hole.

Mark Harris uses a Bible that is different from mine.

If only the Dems had the depth of understanding to know that a kite that heavy will never fly.

Idealists go to Washington to do good, but stay to do very, very well.

Would it be too confusing to tell the Freedom From Religion Foundation atheists to “go to hell”?

Obama – foreign affairs Jekyll, domestic Hyde.

N.C. DOT could save a lot if it stopped posting those speed limit signs everyone ignores.

Where’s Gettleman finding these “no name” players? Ebay?

How can big screens and escalators be termed “economic incentives”?

If you build it, they will come.

Isn’t it about time to upgrade BB&T Ballpark?

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