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Really Thom, “rednecks” live in $875,000 homes on Lake Norman?

Hold all the press conferences you want on Obamacare, Mr. President. I still don’t believe you.

Tillis ad says he’ll repeal, replace Obamacare. Can’t find anywhere what he’ll replace it with.

We truly regret that gay marriage attacks the sanctity of your fourth marriage.

Dr. Brannon, God told me he’s sick of people putting words in his mouth.

N.C. tax cuts: Help economy? Murky. Harm higher and public education? Clear.

Gov. Pat ought not bite the hand that elected him.

Make the byline “E.J. Dionne, as told by Barack Obama.”

Be sure and wear a coat to BB&T; the days are cold and the Knights are colder.

Support UNC, tear down the Dumb Dome.

Male facial hair? A nation of sheep.

Experts predict below-average hurricanes? I’m buying my plywood now!

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