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The Feds need to set Bank of America up with direct deposit.

We don’t need toll lanes on our highways – we need speed bumps.

We’re so used to being gouged that oil companies don’t even bother to give us a reason anymore.

Gas prices up 36 cents since December... Is it still Bush’s fault?

Doesn’t McCrory already have enough ashes to oversee, considering all those bridges he burned?

Seems we now see why Putin favored Obama in 2012.

GOP would be surprised at how many N.C. teachers used to vote Republican.

Media darlings like Easley, Edwards, Willingham oft fade in the light.

Gerrymandering was just fine when it got Watt’s-his-name elected.

Obama hasn’t been nearly as bad for the country as Rush promised.

Worst year ever for canker worms? I saw tree bands on Selwyn that are standing room only.

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