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Do those four GOP Senate candidates also agree the earth is flat?

I am voting for the one who has the best chance of beating Tillis.

To be willfully ignorant on science should disqualify you from higher office.

Dump it on the customers, like any big board of directors would.

I’m fine with a rate hike for coal ash cleanup – but only if they do it right the first time.

Averill Harkey ignores the ultimate Scout Oath: To keep oneself “morally straight.”

Hey teachers, don’t tell me about your pay. Tell me about your benefits and pension.

Pardon me teacher, your pay slip is showing.

Art Pope works without a paycheck. Guess he lives on the tax cuts he engineered. What a civic-minded guy.

President Decisive says he needs more time to consider the Keystone pipeline?

Obama to Canada: “If you like your pipeline you can keep your pipeline. Period.”

Fastest way to reform student loans? Cut bloated university salaries.

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