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Fracking is tomorrow’s coal ash.

Absolutely nothing Sterling about Clippers owner.

Does Mr. Sterling at least get to keep his girlfriend?

Why can’t the Koch brothers just buy an NBA team and quit trying to destroy the planet?

Common Core discussions are misdirected. Curriculums aren’t failing, students are.

Observer’s last shot at trying to sabotage Thom Tillis – endorse him.

Your consistency is what terrifies me, Mr. Tillis.

That dead bear was clearly illiterate, so it should have been left at UNC.

It occurs to me that BofA has generated little good news since Hugh McColl retired.

BofA “walking the eternal plank.” Arrrgh!

The Roberts court takes action, but it’s not affirmative.

How about the execs at Duke take a deep pay cut to fix “their” mess?

My theory: The bigger the SUV, the more rude the driver.

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