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The parents should be fired, not Amy Diamond.

Charlotte has been issued an uptown apartment flood warning.

If more cabs compete for business we’ll need a crossing guard to get to the parking garage.

Chiquita proves the old adage “If they’ll cheat on you when you’re dating, they’ll cheat after the marriage.”

Three days of hype and hyperbole for about three drops of rain.

I have been in the bathtub in the basement for three days; can I get out now?

Regarding the Sterling affair, “Frankly, My Dear...!”

So much for the Obama post-racial era...

Let GOP Super PACs pay the enormous cost of ditching Common Core.

Bear, admitted to State but not Carolina, died upon sight of the campus.

The Bible is clear: Any Church that allows women to worship without head coverings is a moral cesspool.

I’m old. I remember when the doctor used to talk to me instead of his laptop.

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