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Tiger who?

Looks like Duke Energy management and investors are about to coal-ide.

Get ready for premier school lotteries.

Guess we’re headed for a pay-to-learn system.

Odds are that the out-of-control seventh grader will be in the news again.

Want to change business tax law? Start taxing the business of churches!

In the words of Warren Buffet: “If you’re going to buy it for the view, make sure you buy the view, too.”

Keystone XL pipeline or more rail car explosions, as in Lynchburg?

Vote for the one with the most commercials and you’ll likely get the one who must pay back the most special interests.

Amazing. Lower the standards and more kids graduate.

Does the GOP get a lifetime ban for supporting Cliven Bundy?

The Bobcats were a cuddling team. The Hornets need to Sting.

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