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The kid deserved the slap and the teacher deserved a pat on the back.

I have a dream... Donald Sterling no longer owns the Clippers.

So in the case of Donald Sterling, words speak louder than actions?

Since when is Conservative a party?

Let those elected remember they represent all in their district.

“Successful” GM bailout loses $11 billion?

Longevity from a safe district is not an adequate qualification for Graham to represent the 12th District.

Psst, GOP, closing your eyes and plugging your ears does not change reality.

I’d max out my credit card to watch the Leake/Cotham rematch on pay-per-view.

Where do they give high-five lessons?

Make men teachers and women healthcare execs, and – poof! – no “wage gap.”

Time to change the name of Bruton Smith Blvd. to Bruton Smith’s Way.

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