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Target CEO ousted for data breach – BULL’S-EYE!

New rule: If you’re going to quote the Bible you first have to read the whole book!

Feel that hot easterly wind? That’s politicians in Raleigh talking about teacher pay.

Exempt teachers from state income taxes. Instant raise.

Now teachers are “saving lives”? Feels like I’m in drama class again.

Saw more campaign signs than voters at the polls.

A hotline to report questionable behavior by public officials? City can’t even answer 311 calls in a timely manner.

Looks like Rod is not the only Sterling living in the Twilight Zone.

What happens in Benghazi doesn’t stay in Benghazi!

Thirteen embassy/consulate attacks, 60-plus dead under George W. – but not one outraged Republican.

If Issa is seeking justice, why does it look so much more like revenge?

Did I sleep through spring?

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