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Rucho won. God save the trees.

N.C. Republicans, be careful what you wish for.

Thanks non-voters for giving my ballot so much power.

Obamacare: Death and taxes in one convenient package.

Would the Bush-blamers just go outside and get some fresh air!

If the primary purpose of the death penalty is prevention, let’s televise it.

Rutgers University: Promoting free speech, unless they disagree.

Global warming’s a hoax, evolution is fake, and why did the Easter Bunny miss my house this year?

Scariest slogan ever: “There’s a Ford in your future”!

Definition of “death wish”: Cutting off a dump truck to make your turn!

If I, with aging, arthritic knees, can return my buggy to the corral, why won’t you?

When the “What’s Left” Panthers receivers drop the ball in critical situations, can we call that a “Gettleman”?

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