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Honey, I just gambled away our retirement account, but don’t worry: “I am on top of this”!

Summer is on the way; Duke Energy will get the $97M back.

Another “cookie” crumb on National Teacher Appreciation Day.

Revamping teacher salaries, again. Someone is looking for votes!

Went to a Knights game. I’ve heard more crowd noise in church.

May must be Bruton Smith Month.

Et tu Bruton?

Monica who?

I guess the GOP will start naming their firstborn “Benghazi.”

It’s not about Tillis/Hagan. It’s about Harry Reid.

Still looking for “none of the above” on my ballot.

Does saying there is a “religious right” imply a “Godless left”?

The Bible tells us not to eat pork so should we ban the sale of BBQ?

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