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Opting to join Russia is like retiring to the North – mind boggling.

Teachers, 2 percent of something is more than 100 percent of nothing.

Kudos to Judge Manning, Richard Vinroot, and Charles Meeker!

Who elected Judge Manning to run N.C. education?

Our students can’t read, but teachers deserve a raise?

Maybe our governor and legislators should shadow a teacher for a day.

Report college crimes to the real police, not professorial types.

Maybe if BCBS, Duke Energy didn’t contribute to PACs, our rates wouldn’t have to go up.

Let’s all remember to use our machine guns responsibly.

I tried to find one good reason to vote for Thom Tillis, but couldn’t.

Democrats could have avoided all the Benghazi hearings by telling the truth in the first place.

If you want to lose my vote, run attack ads against your opponent.

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