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Tweeting during your county commissioners’ meeting... Seriously, Bill James?

Let’s bury McCrory’s teacher pay plan in coal ash.

Teacher raises, how? Stop giving tax cuts to the rich.

Dear Teachers,

The check is in the mail (maybe). Signed, Gov. Pat.

Teacher pay: Subject them to BofA standards – misplace $4B, get a bonus.

Yes, BofA execs need to move forward – straight to the exit door.

Don’t worry Davidson workers, there’s plenty of dirty laundry in Charlotte.

Boko Haram: What happens when ignorance is armed.

Prayer at public meetings is designed to accomplish what?

If you don’t vote, you don’t matter.

Kay Hagan: Ready and very willing to spend your money.

The Pope calls for legitimate “redistribution.” Might I suggest he start with the Vatican bank?

Rutgers: Rejected Condi but welcomes Snooki?

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