The Public and the Legislature

On today’s Viewpoint page, four groups offer N.C. legislators advice on what to do during the short session of the General Assembly that begins this week. As residents of North Carolina, you should weigh in as well.

N.C. lawmakers are your employees. You elected them. Your tax dollars pay their salaries and expenses. The policy choices they make will have direct impact on your life and livelihood.

So, like the groups represented here, tell lawmakers what is important to you. Tell them what you expect them to accomplishthis session.

Below are the names and email addresses of the Mecklenburg County legislative delegation. Other N.C. lawmakers can be reached through the General Assembly’s website: You may also reach lawmakers by calling 919-733-4111. Please provide the legislator’s name and district.

Speak up and let lawmakers know your wishes.

Rob Bryan (R-88),

Charles Jeter (R-92),

Thom Tillis (R-98), Speaker of the House,

Rodney W. Moore (D-99),

Tricia Ann Cotham (D-100),

Beverly M. Earle (D-101),

Becky Carney (D-102), House Ethics Co-Chair

William Brawley (R-103), House Transportation Co-Chair

Ruth Samuelson (R-104), House Republican Conference Leader,

Jacqueline Michelle Schaffer (R-105),

Carla D. Cunningham (D-106),

Kelly M. Alexander, Jr. (D-107),

Jeff Jackson (D-37), (replaced Dan Clodfelter, who was appointed Charlotte’s mayor)

Joel D. Ford (D-38),

Bob Rucho (R-39), Senate Finance Co-Chair

Malcolm Graham (D-40),

Jeff Tarte (R-41),