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New N.C. license plate: “First in Teacher Flight.”

The “reading problem” is not a “plague,” it’s a self-inflicted wound.

Hire 40 counselors? How about 40 teachers with unfettered student disciplinary restrictions?

48th in education, 46th in salaries. You reap what you sow.

Duck! The state legislature is in session!

N.C legislature is back in session. Fasten your seat belt, Mr. Jenkins!

A GOP friend and I were born the same year. I’m eight years older because he doesn’t count the Bush years.

The best reason to vote for Thom Tillis – is Kay Hagan.

GOP theory of governing: “Do nothing, for in scandals we trust.”

Thought we got rid of Foxx’s opinions when he went to D.C.

Koch-caine robs people of critical thinking, causing them to vote Republican.

Guess that Park Terrace time capsule turned into a slime capsule.

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