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When does Duke start dredging our bank accounts?

Foxx was not appointed for his views on the infrastructure of marriage.

The Epicentre has had more owners than that basketball team across the street.

Tillistines: tribe of hypocrite politicians guided only by money, contempt for education.

Looked up gerrymandering in the dictionary. There was a picture of Mel Watt.

Fannie and Freddie back in the sub-prime mortgage business – get your bailout money ready.

Obama better put Marines on the space station before Putin “repatriates” it.

Why shouldn’t all cab companies be allowed at the airport?

Want teacher raises? Cut administration by 20 percent.

Best reason to vote for Kay Hagan – Karl Rove.

N.C. legislature is back in session. Sorry Wake County, your collective IQ just dropped.

I’ll take Hillary’s brain over “W’s” any day!

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