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Fracking... Chemicals... Secrets... What could go wrong here?

Turnover is far more expensive than teacher raises.

Loosen standards for new home buyers – are they nuts ?

Disposal of waste materials, such as coal ash, is an operational expense!

If you like your Hillary, you can keep your Hillary. Period.

Wondering why all the campaign signs shun the word “Republican” and favor “Conservative”?

Don’t parents have to make children “school ready” before schools can make them “career ready”?

Come on GOP, first Hillary faked a head injury, now she is brain damaged from it. Good grief!

America: Where health care is a right and working is optional.

Does “Good Job!” even mean anything to kids anymore?

Childhood obesity? You never see a fat skateboarder.

People aren’t speeding on I-485 – they’re qualifying.

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