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Signs prohibited that disturb N.C. legislators? But they’re already “disturbed”!

Why is the GOP afraid of peaceful protesters?

Gee, who’d have guessed that cutting taxes would lead to a budget shortfall.

Any student who “seeks” a world-class education can find it in CMS!

This ken hapin if techurs aint payed mor.

Even one more charter school is one too many.

Clean, factual, dispassionate Benghazi hearings? Krauthammer should stay away from the funny cigarettes.

Karl Rove – a “Black Death” for democracy.

Republicans will never mention why so many veterans need help – “W.”

If we redistribute wealth, soon there will be no wealth to redistribute.

Abolish political tenure – gerrymandering. It allows under-performing politicians to stay in office.

Someday soon I hope I learn it takes me 30 minutes to leave in 15.

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