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Any boat that can’t get under N.C. 150 is a yacht.

I voted for Andy for governor but wound up with Goober.

Coal ash disposal is an operational expense the first time. Second time? Bad management.

Where was the Observer’s displeasure when Obama was campaigning while in office?

Thom Tillis shouldn’t resign. He should retire!

Between superior court judges and presidential orders, why elect legislators?

I just wish there was someone running that I could actually vote for!

From Whitewater to Benghazi, the never-ending GOP witch hunt.

I’ll believe Obama is upset over the VA when heads roll.

Primary candidates – give us a break, take those signs down!

I happily pay a little more at Harris Teeter to avoid the undisciplined, screaming kids at Walmart.

“Hair”? Not with the original cast I hope.

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