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I’d feel a whole lot better about fracking if the drilling started in Mr. Tillis’ backyard.

Fracking earthquakes? Legislators have already shaken the state.

Make Mr. Cagle park off-site and wait to ride his crappy airport buses. It’s ridiculous!

Can CLT borrow CMS buses?

A solution for parking problems at CLT? Bring Jerry back.

CityLynx Stynx.

GM ought to name its next car the Yoyo.

The VA is a sinking ship and Obama’s standing by the captain of the Titanic?

GOP, wasn’t that little war in Iraq supposed to pay for itself?

Obama just heard about (insert scandal here) and he’s really mad.

Too bad the VA didn’t doctor its patients as well as it doctored records.

Careful Mr. Putin. You’ll wind up owing China trillions, like the U.S.

We may be 16th in population, but we’re far from the “Infrastructure Top 100.”

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