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A huge increase in legislators’ pay? What most of them really deserve is a retirement party.

Hey, Cagle didn’t create the airport mess – Jerry did.

If you go to the ballpark for the food you’ve missed the point.

Wow – brilliant idea – a pep rally to calm the kids down!

Sen. Burr: Ready, shoot, aim.

The VFW has a Burr under its saddle.

NRA – No Reasonable Adults.

Maybe Obama should ground Air Force One, stay home and watch more TV.

Spend less taxes? Are you kidding, and let the sports millionaires suffer?

Can’t help but see the irony in a texting driver with the pro-life bumper sticker.

Preening, waxed males, F-bomb-flinging females. Finally, complete gender equality!

i kaint get a beter job and dont no why.

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