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The great thing about science is that it’s true whether you believe it or not.

If the tea party is grassroots, then the Koch Brothers are the fertilizer.

If “experts” are predicting a mild hurricane season, I’m boarding up my windows now.

Patriotism has been lost to hot dogs, hamburgers and a free day off.

Worst sound in the world – a neighbor cutting down a tree.

N.C. Sen. Joel Ford should be recalled.

Does the NRA love guns more than people?

Obama was so mad about the VA scandal that he had to go out and do some fundraising.

Of course there were no problems at the VA until Obama took office...

Come on, Carolinas Healthcare System. Make the VA an offer.

NASCAR Hall of Fame – in 20 years there will be more members than attendees.

Lipstick is to Hornets as pig is to Bobcats.

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