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Nagin to pay $501K? Hope Cannon is saving his pennies.

What’s the IQ limit to be a Supreme Court Justice?

The only uniform Sen. Burr has ever worn is the Republican one.

Global warming is “settled” science, all right – political science.

Not Fare! Yellow Cab paid good money for that airport contract!

I’ll vote with teachers to eliminate state senator tenure.

Tillis knows when to cut and run.

Every time someone drops a fork at the White House the GOP yells “scandal.”

Crisis management under Obama: Ignore, blame, threaten, ignore.

GOP killed a landmark veterans bill in February, and now they’re mad at Obama?

Without Net neutrality, the open Net is a closed Net.

Cryptology – the study of bishops’ burial places?

Typical Charlotte – save a few bucks on a rail line and spend it immediately.

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