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Keep teacher assistants – get rid of lawmaker aides.

To cut costs, why don’t superintendents give up their assistants?

Party’s over, Knights – you’re back on page 6B.

So now we pay more for parking at CLT for fewer spaces and buses. What a deal!

CLT used to be a world class airport, Orr did it?

Infrastructure repair: Pay it now or pay it later!

He who says wind and sun can replace coal and nuke in visible future blows hot air.

Fox News logic: Hillary’s “faked concussion” resulted in “serious brain damage.”

VA: Veterans Abomination

Procrastinator in Chief.

With friends like Sen. Burr, veterans don’t need enemies.

Obama speaking to West Point cadets is like Robin Hood speaking at a bankers convention.

If the solution to gun violence is more guns, then the answer to obesity must be more food.

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