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Snowden says he’s a Patriot? Don’t remember Paul Revere hiding in England…

Tillis the Thom is doing to N.C. what Attilla the Hun did to the Rome Empire.

Did those protesters REALLY think Thom would waste his valuable time speaking to them?

Republicans sure do leave a lot of smeary fingerprints on all those hands-off policies.

Global warming is “settled” science all right ... Political Science.

GOP sends soldiers to unnecessary wars, cuts VA funding and then blames Obama.

Why was everybody calling for Shinseki to resign yet giving his boss a pass?

We can give 47 million people food stamps but can’t operate the VA to help our soldiers.

Months spent waiting for a VA appointment compares favorably to years spent waiting for approval from my insurance company.

I wish I had a TV that would automatically mute itself every time a political ad comes on!

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