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Driverless cars by Google? Cell phones already did that.

Now we know how N.C. teachers can get a raise; move to Texas.

Teacher raises, are you kidding? We’ve got athletes and owners to look after.

Lottery commercials say proceeds go towards education. When does that start?

The key to Cannon’s plea is the key to the apartment.

Our mayor sold out for 50 grand? Bush league, not world class.

$15 minimum wage? Just don’t expect me to tip a server making $30,000.

VA chief Shinseki out; Eric Holder next, please!

United States of Secrets.

So much for every other president’s policy of never negotiating with terrorists.

A vote for the N.C. budget is a vote to put thousands more on unemployment.

“OK, let’s list the benefits of fracking.” “Uh, I got nothing – you?”

Anyone have an e-mail address for the Buzz publisher? The one I have is for the censor.

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