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Remember when “one a day” meant vitamins, not scandals.

Relax – there will always be a carney in this White House.

Who needs courts-martial – we’ve got Cal Thomas!

Punish Bergdahl? Just put him in the VA healthcare system.

Between Duke’s coal ash and GOP’s fracking, better stock up on bottled water.

A contradiction in terms: Medical examiners who don’t examine!

Keith Larson is not from around here, is he?

Aldona Wos is paid $1 per year? She’s worth every penny!

Anyone doubt there is politically connected justice vs. justice for the rest of us?

Aren’t all campaign contributions bribes?

“State-sponsored” fracking sounds like “bigger government.” Any irony there?

Those lucky Range Rover drivers – with all the hills around town.

If Paris is the city of lights, then Charlotte is the city of stoplights.

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