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Republicans, the cure for the Common Core.

Stick to pipe, Frank.

If you like the way N.C. fixes potholes, you’ll love the way they drill fracking wells.

Drill the first well in the governor’s front yard!

Obama is doing a great job in the fight against terrorists. Just wish he was on our side.

Bergdahl may have left his post, but he served his punishment.

Of course there are a lot of scandals – if you consider every action a scandal.

Obama is making Nixon look like a Boy Scout.

“Cash” Cannon aspired to $2.3M! Now, that is world class!

“Honest services wire fraud”? Honest people call it bribery.

Looked up bribe in the dictionary. It said see “campaign contributions.”

Citizens United no more.

Just like N.C. to fix something that isn’t broken – auto insurance rates!

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