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Once upon a time long, long ago the lead teacher was called the principal!

How can teachers and students hit a moving target?

GOP Common Core: Reading, riting, religion. We don’t do rithmetic, it’s too much like science.

Yo Pat, you are allowed to veto some of this whacky stuff.

Looked up eternity in the dictionary. It said “two terms of Obama.”

Dislike the president all you want – he still beats the alternatives.

Bergdahl issue shows what we’ve devolved into. What a shame.

No soldier left behind, unless the solider leaves the U.S. behind.

Happy tales to you, Roy.

So, we'll pay you $3K a month to play and you pay your own tuition... Deal?

Pretty sure McCants can cross “become UNC assistant coach” off his bucket list!

Hey, Roy! I think what you stepped in ain’t tar!

Hey USPS, 1999 called; they want their CD ROMs back.

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